I Bought a Forest to Create a Paradise for Ants

13 mar 2021
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The day has come! I decided to buy a forest to celebrate the channel hitting 4M subscribers, and it's truly a magical place to explore. The richness of biodiversity is mind-blowing, and I managed to find several ants there that I've never seen before. Aside from fulfilling my hopes of us finding a new species of ant, I also hoped that the forest would serve a greater purpose. I also have another bigger surprise to share in this video, which is super exciting! Happy 4M subscribers, AC Family! Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. #Antopia
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  • Greetings, AC Family and Happy 4M Subs! Hope you guys are as excited as I am about our new PARADISE FOR ANTS! Pls remember to LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and Select ALL) to join the AC Family and this epic ant journey! So, what did you think of the BIGGER ‘plot twist’? Ant love FOURever! QUESTION: So what should we name the three regions?

    AntsCanadaAntsCanadaMiesiąc temu
    • The Great Antfort

      Tomas KeediTomas Keedi4 dni temu
    • You should call the ravine 'ant eden' or just 'eden' as it is calm and still and protected from the outside

      LizzyLizzyMiesiąc temu
    • The first region should be called: Ant Forest Paradise...

      Future HeroFuture HeroMiesiąc temu
    • Excellent video, love the new place you have acquired. Why don't you call it "Elysian fields of Antopia" ! Greetings from Ecuador!

      AlemiAlemiMiesiąc temu
    • Here's my suggestion for naming the regions. Call all four areas "antopia" collectively. Your channel has a long history with referencing the four elements (IE, the fire nation and all that) and this is your FOUR million subscriber special, so a good idea would be to continue this tradition. The plot of land with the house could be Fire Nation since there are so many fire ants there. The Forest Edge could be Air Nation due to its breezy conditions and all the treetop ants. Forest Ravine would be Earth Nation because, well, it's a ravine! Lastly, creek path would be Water Nation as it is formed by water (the creek itself). Excited for you to explore these new regions more!

      Jatatan GlobusteadJatatan GlobusteadMiesiąc temu
  • mega rex name of the forest

    Rajeev lilhareRajeev lilhare2 godzin temu
  • Ant green path

    Chong ming jingChong ming jingDzień temu
  • Ac forest

    BughaBugha2 dni temu
  • The Forest Ravine should be name Antazonia Forest (named afters the Amazon Forest) and for the Creek Path it should be named Socotrant (named after Socotra Island) for its weird plants and fungi

    Français MonarchisteFrançais Monarchiste3 dni temu
  • Cool idea for forest name : the greeenlands

    Todd FoxTodd Fox3 dni temu
  • Call it The Shire

    F HF H3 dni temu
  • I think this is in the Philippines. You should call your channel AntsPhilippines!

    Rolando eslingRolando esling4 dni temu
  • Creek path - Hallway of Secrets

    babykill21babykill214 dni temu
  • Name the Poly ants as Knights of the tree

    Aethel The SniperAethel The Sniper4 dni temu
  • Ancient Forest for the forest edge region

    Ethan TowleEthan Towle4 dni temu
  • the great Antfort

    Tomas KeediTomas Keedi4 dni temu
  • You're like... the second youtuber i've seen who bought a large plot of land, the other being Shadiversity

    SavannahSavannah4 dni temu
  • Phormacity for the forest

    porgi - that's a fishporgi - that's a fish5 dni temu
  • This guy clearly has some visions. Kudos my man👍.

    Sajid MushfiqueSajid Mushfique5 dni temu
  • i love this channel

    Jaison CollinsJaison Collins5 dni temu
  • ants Canada: "are these leaves signs that the forest is tell us that this is where we belong? forest: "no it means that please leave me alone!!!!"

    Jaison CollinsJaison Collins5 dni temu
  • next thing you know he will buy the world to preserve ants

    Jaison CollinsJaison Collins5 dni temu
  • natures tunnle

    Monifa KellyMonifa Kelly6 dni temu
  • At 10 Mill "Buying a entire CONTRY for ants!!!!"

    BluMonkeyGamesBluMonkeyGames6 dni temu
  • He is addicted with ants

    Gaming ReaganGaming Reagan6 dni temu
  • The Edge of faith

    Stoned JoshStoned Josh7 dni temu
  • For the creek path I would name it the pathway of ants

    Jayland ColemanJayland Coleman7 dni temu
  • Has someone made sure that all that farmland that people are depending on was purchased for the altruistic reasons laid out here?

    Terry JonesTerry Jones7 dni temu
  • the creek area it was so natural and look like a peaceful place

    MeowMeow GamingMeowMeow Gaming8 dni temu
  • happy 4 million subs I have followed you for 8 years and am inspired by u and have loved ants since I was young

    MeowMeow GamingMeowMeow Gaming8 dni temu
  • I love ants this will be is awesome 12:51

    MeowMeow GamingMeowMeow Gaming8 dni temu

    Emma SeddonEmma Seddon8 dni temu
  • Ant ROOM Ant HOUSE Ant FOREST What next, ant COUNTRY?

  • 50 years from now... "I bought the southern hemisphere of Mars in order to breed the first interplanetary ant species!"

    4th & Inches4th & Inches10 dni temu
  • Next title : How I destruct an ecosystème introducing new species in an area who needn't them.

    DieuDieu10 dni temu
  • creak path should be named Magical Creak

    XxFellowBreadQueenxXXxFellowBreadQueenxX11 dni temu
  • He sounds like a pokemon narrator 😂❤️

    Michael DangeloMichael Dangelo11 dni temu
  • This channel is pure gold! I love it so much

    Jazmin CooperJazmin Cooper12 dni temu
  • You really are great man wish more people were like you (:

    joseph narvaezjoseph narvaez12 dni temu
  • Very kool bro, you’ve grown a lot. 🥳 CHEERS 🥂

    kaptaink420kaptaink42013 dni temu
  • Still waiting for 13 ant colonies to rise up and declare independence

    최호준최호준15 dni temu
  • call the ravine Arcaedum

    Breanne SquiresBreanne Squires16 dni temu
  • My late suggestions: Forest Edge: Forest Edge Forest Ravine: Birch Bunker Creek Path: Plantlife Pathway

    RainbowShard AnimatezRainbowShard Animatez16 dni temu
  • you should use this names: the creek of the greeks

    Tobias ShindaimeTobias Shindaime17 dni temu
  • Ant Canada you have a heart of gold because your a very caring person for ants and wildlife. Keep up with thee good work saving the ants .

    nancy argonancy argo17 dni temu
  • I love it😍

    Florian BrockerFlorian Brocker17 dni temu
  • I've been around since the beginning of the pandemic, the whole PLworld rabbit hole ensued.. when I discovered AntsCanada I haven't been more excited about Ants than I am now, they have always fascinated me since a kid, you have given me a newfound respect for all the species you find & or keep. every episode is exciting, so much so that I have to let the videos pile up so i can spend a weekend binge XD congratulations on your new property!! & cannot wait to see the finished home. aside it is amazing how many species of ants there are, course I knew there was many but it's not the number that blows my mind but the individual difference between them, from their biological structure right down to their personality, its incredible. thank you for your undeniably dedicated work to show us this world, I love that in this day & age we can learn so very much from our home

    PunkichuPunkichu17 dni temu
  • AntsCanada is not a username of a person, it is the name of a future country...

    QullQull19 dni temu
  • If this is 4 million mile stone i bet when he reaches 10 million he will buy a private islamd for ants

    The Soviet UnionThe Soviet Union19 dni temu
  • Congratulations and best wishes for all in the new ant world. Thank you for bringing us along on the journey, you have an amazing editing and narrative method and it has been great to see the quality continually improving over time.

    Evan WEvan W19 dni temu
  • the forest ravine should be named the hollowed wilds

    chrumkichrumki19 dni temu
  • The forest edge should be called the fields of vanaheim

    ben lottatronben lottatron20 dni temu
  • Edge - Bioside, named after the Bicolour ant Ravine - TwigTopia Pathway - BerryBurrow

    flamey007flamey00720 dni temu
  • he's so positive and hopeful and it awesome

    Jamie PearsonJamie Pearson20 dni temu
  • Anti Forst

    Galaxy Gamer_AGGalaxy Gamer_AG20 dni temu
  • Natgeo please hire ants canada

    Jhef SonJhef Son21 dzień temu
  • PLworld needs more people like this

    LemonjuiceLemonjuice21 dzień temu
  • He is *LITERALLY* the type of person who buys his goldfish a whole river.

    ̊ ̇̊ ̇21 dzień temu
  • 1 bababooey

    Omar CorderoOmar Cordero21 dzień temu
    • Find words that have numbers on your videos this video 1 so 3 more videos to go don’t forget to crack the code 😮😮

      Omar CorderoOmar Cordero21 dzień temu
  • Bababooey

    Omar CorderoOmar Cordero21 dzień temu
  • antfopia f for forest

    Mohammad AldabbaghMohammad Aldabbagh22 dni temu
  • The AC reviene

    Nadal the Gadget geekNadal the Gadget geek22 dni temu
  • Meranoplus edge

    Nadal the Gadget geekNadal the Gadget geek22 dni temu
  • i thought of a name for the regions i call creek path "the grand canyon or creek" the ravine is called ''Ant Valley" the edge is called "Antinavia"

  • The forest should be named Lothlorien

    YaBoi GregYaBoi Greg23 dni temu
  • Soooo let me get it straight dude.... getting a permit seemed like to much work.... but.... getting a mortgage in a pice of land and going through the land purchase process and then having to design and build a complete house too is somehow easier than getting a permit? Didn’t realise how much you could make 😂😂

    DaChronical a little bit of everything!!DaChronical a little bit of everything!!23 dni temu
  • When an obsession or hobby take over your entire life........ you buy a forest for your ants...😎🤦‍♂️😂😂

    DaChronical a little bit of everything!!DaChronical a little bit of everything!!23 dni temu
  • @Antcanada i see the polyrachus ants here and there, the silver on thier back is to reflect off the sun to allow them to be out longer scavenging, they are also in the desert suprizingly!

    KeshaThe GalacticWolfKeshaThe GalacticWolf24 dni temu
  • His friends: oh hey man hows it goin- Ac:**buys a house for ants and his pets** His friends:ok man chill out- AC:**BUYS A FOREST FOR ANTS** his friends:*AAAAAA*-

    KeshaThe GalacticWolfKeshaThe GalacticWolf24 dni temu
  • subscribed

    Platwin sPlatwin s24 dni temu
  • Man, I had and have a lot of respect for everything you do. But Jesus Christ, you're on another level now. You are the kind of person who makes the world a better place, thank you.

    Jemerico HarricoJemerico Harrico24 dni temu
  • Either someone is peeling onion in my room or...

    Jaxom M'ricJaxom M'ric24 dni temu
  • 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • i would name creek path, muddy burrow. If someone wants to edit it they can

    Legit GamerLegit Gamer25 dni temu
  • AC 50 years from now: I bought a Planet for my ants

    Kyle VillaKyle Villa25 dni temu
  • 12:45 im all up for you preserving the plot of land and making it an ant nature reserve. tho honestly i would hold back on interfering with natures way, meaning planting other trees even if they are indigenous to the area. seeing the area is alreay quite prosperous even the slightest changes could mean the end to certain species because you're gonna influence the balance nature has created. i would only interfere if there are drastic changes done by climate or specific diseases in plants/trees and even then there is the debate that natural selection will take its course and everything wil settle itself. i truly believe you have the best intentions for the flora and fauna but in my honest oppinion you should let mother nature do her own work :)! much love, of a nature enthousiast

    Thom MallensThom Mallens25 dni temu
  • name suggestion for the Raving forrest: grANT canyon. :]

    Thom MallensThom Mallens25 dni temu
  • This made me tear up of happiness. I would like to say that I am so grateful for people like you. Keep going forward! Nature needs love too, and yours translates beautifully. Thank you for your work.

    Evelyn RojoEvelyn Rojo25 dni temu
  • Yeah ur right buying a whole forest for ur viewers

    Brandy SegwayBrandy Segway25 dni temu
  • Hi what do I do if I find a queen ant that’s smaller than a carpenter ant but has all of the traits

    Ann LePoreAnn LePore25 dni temu
  • "Your are the best ant lover community" Me who accidentally kill an ant when I want to bring it out: yeeaaaah, suuure

    Purple ZillaPurple Zilla26 dni temu
  • So moved by the heart this dude has for conservation, for eco practices. Thank you for what you do, I learned so much and congratulations.

    Karen LeeKaren Lee26 dni temu
  • This is literally the most wholesome video I have ever watched about ants.....and I loved it 💯

    bishop lopezbishop lopez26 dni temu
  • the Greeks

    Irmuun Myagmar-ErdeneIrmuun Myagmar-Erdene26 dni temu
  • He’s insane in a good way

    Mike The wiseMike The wise26 dni temu
  • Crazy to see how you have grown love the videos

    l Ghots Diablo ll Ghots Diablo l26 dni temu
  • (7:00) Hey man where can I get that texture pack?

    Katthecat 7478Katthecat 747826 dni temu
    • lol

      Legit GamerLegit Gamer25 dni temu
  • So cool you did this!

    Big HaüsBig Haüs26 dni temu
  • Love your videos Mikey!, I love your parody music vids too hope you upload more of them ❤

    Jayven ChungJayven Chung27 dni temu
  • Hanep 82 acres, taga san ka AntsCanada? Lupet may story pa ng invasive species haha

    Dr. StoneDr. Stone27 dni temu
  • Forest edge - The Gate Forest Ravine - The Small Refuge Pathway - The Sanctuary :)))) Name for forest

    Christopher Emman C. CruzChristopher Emman C. Cruz27 dni temu
  • Creakant

    Micaela YangMicaela Yang27 dni temu
  • Antshadow

    Micaela YangMicaela Yang27 dni temu
  • Antmarica

    Micaela YangMicaela Yang27 dni temu
  • I know it's unintended, but the Dead Meat channel music makes your presentation around 6:30 very eerie What have you planned, you fiend?

    KesekuchaenKesekuchaen27 dni temu
  • AntsCanada have u had anyone send u ant specimen s I just discovered a really interesting ant colony thriving right after the snow melted if be interested n u examining them on your channel

    Justin LuscombJustin Luscomb27 dni temu
  • Ant forest?

    Toxin PawsToxin Paws27 dni temu
  • I can't wait for the buying a continent video

    dom EEdom EE27 dni temu
  • Forest edge/ the great forest of antopilus

    TitaniumTj Extra ContentTitaniumTj Extra Content27 dni temu
    • The Greek pathway/the green castle

      TitaniumTj Extra ContentTitaniumTj Extra Content27 dni temu
    • Forest ravine/the deep edges

      TitaniumTj Extra ContentTitaniumTj Extra Content27 dni temu
  • How much does this guy even make?

    Avish 1Avish 127 dni temu
  • I like the name Antropolis

    Oh ophelia :DOh ophelia :D28 dni temu
  • I got a idea for the forest name it’s Antorest

    weeb_manweeb_man28 dni temu
  • Antville

    Yeet_DieselYeet_Diesel28 dni temu
  • 9:52 Sprites Tranquility

    Gerard CarreonGerard Carreon28 dni temu