Sleeping Ant Wakes Up To Discover It Was Left Behind by Its Colony

10 kwi 2021
343 467 wyświetleń

This sleeping ant was left behind by its colony and its reaction when it woke up was hilarious! This is a story of my young pet carpenter ants and their beautiful queen ant, who were in need of a new ant nest location. I gave the ants a brand new home suitable for an ant colony at their current stage, and watched the ants move the entire colony (brood included) into their new and improved home. The process and reaction of the ants were intriguing, hilarious, and all around gratifying to watch. Hope you enjoy this week's video! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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    AntsCanadaAntsCanadaMiesiąc temu
    • im number 499

      battlecat1995battlecat199524 dni temu
    • Amber knights are for me

      This ain't worth searchin yallThis ain't worth searchin yall24 dni temu
    • Hi

      Nurse RuthNurse Ruth25 dni temu
    • Hi

      Nurse RuthNurse Ruth25 dni temu
    • Hi

      Nurse RuthNurse Ruth25 dni temu
  • Name her shiniqua

    Paul SpringerPaul Springer12 godzin temu
  • i call it the darkcorner empirer

    Jean MoraisJean Morais13 godzin temu
  • I'd probably think of "Queen Cherry" or "Queen of Cherry"

    Obi ObiatarObi Obiatar15 godzin temu
  • I don’t like ants but this is COOL 😎

    Blaze Ful519Blaze Ful51915 godzin temu
  • Wood runners

    Nancy YounceNancy Younce23 godzin temu
  • hmmmmm call the carpenter ants goldie or cutie

    Jennyvi CerameJennyvi CerameDzień temu
  • - Zoey

    Jennyvi CerameJennyvi CerameDzień temu
  • and name the king the golden star of light

    Jennyvi CerameJennyvi CerameDzień temu
  • we should name the queen the golden star of dark - Zoey

    Jennyvi CerameJennyvi CerameDzień temu
  • I think the queen ant should be named ummmmm.................................................. Camilla

    Andrea Jeanne AlcazarAndrea Jeanne AlcazarDzień temu
  • build worker ants

    Lawrence davidLawrence davidDzień temu
  • Plssssssss

    Jonalyn SalirunganJonalyn SalirunganDzień temu
  • Queen name:Alica

    Jonalyn SalirunganJonalyn SalirunganDzień temu
  • Queen of forests!

    Standard _NinjaStandard _NinjaDzień temu
  • Arboreal is a very good name for the queen.

    maggieyouelmaggieyouelDzień temu
  • The male ant will die

    Melody OlpinaMelody Olpina2 dni temu
  • Queen emberheart, empress orangedusk, monarch royal, queen solar, and queen tigress

    ꨄKįrå CrėämꨄꨄKįrå Crėämꨄ2 dni temu
  • Leona

    bosss gamingbosss gaming2 dni temu
  • Sequoia

    MAX CRUMPMAX CRUMP2 dni temu
    • for the queens name

      MAX CRUMPMAX CRUMPDzień temu
  • hi

    Sorat KlinpiromSorat Klinpirom2 dni temu
  • I never knew ants slept

    Pygmy PuffPygmy Puff2 dni temu
  • Caramel Queen

    NextGenGamingNextGenGaming2 dni temu
  • i Have a name LAYRRN🕊️

    Kim CrenshawKim Crenshaw2 dni temu
  • It dies

    Jervis AngJervis Ang2 dni temu
  • qwen mjisus

    rosa shearsrosa shears2 dni temu
  • Name for colony: The cutters Name for queen: Raspberry-flower Love your channel and content

  • Darla. ;3

    kindly-wisekindly-wise3 dni temu
  • Name queen ant the oak empress

    Alexander StarkeyAlexander Starkey3 dni temu
  • If her name is still being voted on, I vote for Queen Teena. like her broken one.

    travisgames911travisgames9113 dni temu
  • Wood MistyLand

    SavagePolerBear KidSavagePolerBear Kid3 dni temu
  • I never thought that me who is scared of ants is actually enjoying this context so much that its now my daily base to watch

    Oona VuorioOona Vuorio3 dni temu
  • Ants dont eleep

    Orhan CortenOrhan Corten3 dni temu
    • They have small power naps

      Soyuz-SFSSoyuz-SFS3 dni temu
  • hehe ants are cool

  • Even being young I still like ants and your channel and one time I even found a princess ant with wings roaming around outside the nest it was my first time seeing one and I really wanted to take it but I realized she needed to mate first and I wanted to take a picture but my mom said I can't bring my phone outside ;(

    Abandoned AccountAbandoned Account4 dni temu
  • I thought the porter is supposed to be more bigger

    Sivakanth NadarajahSivakanth Nadarajah4 dni temu
  • I know!!!

    Sivakanth NadarajahSivakanth Nadarajah4 dni temu
  • I know a male ant is like a skinny wasp

    Sivakanth NadarajahSivakanth Nadarajah4 dni temu
  • Maybe there queen caramel?

    Sivakanth NadarajahSivakanth Nadarajah4 dni temu
  • Hmm Lura

    Marcia LaytonMarcia Layton4 dni temu
  • Woodland empire.

    Ants PortlandAnts Portland5 dni temu
  • “Check this out guys-“ *Publix AD Play’s*

    TheLord-ALTERLEMTheLord-ALTERLEM5 dni temu
  • People are keeping ants as pet now? 🙄

    Abdullah1Abdullah15 dni temu
  • Daddy ant went to get the honey dew and never came back

    Mihail ZaharievMihail Zahariev5 dni temu
  • the male ant die after mating

    Jaison CollinsJaison Collins5 dni temu
  • I no have ant :(

    blue alpha wolfblue alpha wolf6 dni temu
  • I think cherry would be cute

    Liz rodelLiz rodel6 dni temu
  • The male dies

    RXT deliriousRXT delirious6 dni temu
  • So I just googled how long a queen ant usually lives. Google said about 10 to 15 years which is amazing to me. Then I asked Google what happens to the colony after the queen ant dies and it told me that the colony will eventually die off because there will not be a queen put in her place and no new members will be added. My question to you is what happens to your colonies after the queen dies? So say you've had some of these colonies for 10 to 15 years, the Queen dies. is there any way you can save the colony? Can you intervene and introduce a new Queen? And if so would the colony accept her as their new queen or would they sense an intruder and you know, dispose of her? Would the queen even accept the colony that she's introduced to? I have so many questions about this. I just know you put a lot of time and effort into your colonies and you absolutely love them as do your followers. It's just heartbreaking to think, having these colonies for so long that they would eventually just fade away after the queen passes on. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to my own questions I just want to hear it from someone who knows. You know, just in case I'm wrong.

    Rebecca 'Spooky' DuranRebecca 'Spooky' Duran6 dni temu
  • Nora if female but Durgon if male

    Frankmir AlanzaFrankmir Alanza6 dni temu
  • The forgotten one should be named sus based of aid the sloth from ice age

    Nikos VillasenorNikos Villasenor7 dni temu
  • Queen Carmal

    Nikos VillasenorNikos Villasenor7 dni temu
  • you should start breeding bees so we can save the earth! (i’m new to this channel so i don’t know if you do breed bees)

    HP DrivesHP Drives7 dni temu
  • is empress ember ok?

    jaime vargasjaime vargas7 dni temu
  • Bro..I’m really sitting here watching and following a new ant colony

    DonGreen757DonGreen7577 dni temu
  • antennaless

    Lucas BeckwithLucas Beckwith7 dni temu
  • Dang, that ant got Home Aloned

    GGR MakesGGR Makes7 dni temu
  • Please name her cherry berry

    Darcy LindseyDarcy Lindsey8 dni temu
  • Tamia

    Zaiden PattonZaiden Patton8 dni temu
  • im gonna go with the name ruby for the queen

    Jordan GoertzenJordan Goertzen8 dni temu
  • Like ur vids keep them up👍!😊💕

    BardockBardock8 dni temu
  • Name her : Berry anty🍓

    Leonard BuenvenidaLeonard Buenvenida8 dni temu
  • I like the name Queen 👑 Sheeba😍 💞💕💞🐜

    lacey blacey b9 dni temu
  • Caramel queen

    Mark PascualMark Pascual9 dni temu
  • You should get leaf cutter ants, i want to see some of those fungus farms they make so they can eat it

    Daniel EstevezDaniel Estevez9 dni temu
  • Kreen Pine

    Dragon QueenDragon Queen9 dni temu
  • Male ants die after mating :(

    Azza BazzaAzza Bazza9 dni temu
  • 7:51 face hugger mite

    Sara LinnSara Linn9 dni temu
  • Name the queen “historia”

    Dizzely GlizzelyDizzely Glizzely9 dni temu
  • Ants are sassy lol. They did not hesitate to tell you that the food tasted like garbage and give you a dead ant as a tip.

    Emily McLeodEmily McLeod9 dni temu
  • Guy probably mains durant in pokemon

    lluNlluN9 dni temu
  • Him:here are the eggs that one ant:when you Hatch ill rip your fuckin head of

    i see no god up here but mei see no god up here but me9 dni temu
  • Tortura is the name of the colony tortura collasol

    i see no god up here but mei see no god up here but me9 dni temu
  • Oh no

    Sean WilkinsonSean Wilkinson9 dni temu

    Mike Andrew GilladoMike Andrew Gillado9 dni temu
  • i feel bad for da ant :c

    Ender BladeEnder Blade9 dni temu
  • The queen has a mite!!!!!

    randi goodmanrandi goodman9 dni temu
    • Oh and this is not a vote.

      randi goodmanrandi goodman9 dni temu
  • name the queen Cherry cause the color

    Susan IeSusan Ie10 dni temu
  • The colony name is be the carpet kingdom

    Torithespiritleader796Torithespiritleader79610 dni temu
  • we like ants but not the red one its badly damaged our fingers

    NoobUserNoobUser10 dni temu
  • Queen Emporia

    NightWolf EditzNightWolf Editz10 dni temu
  • dont worry the mite isnt Too bad

    Ricky SutjahyaRicky Sutjahya10 dni temu
  • Carmilia

    ꧁ꕥgatch-A-loomꕥ꧂꧁ꕥgatch-A-loomꕥ꧂10 dni temu
  • I feel so sad when I see or here that the first ants die it’s just so sad

    Kaylee Keers-mcgillKaylee Keers-mcgill10 dni temu
  • Can your prodoucts could be ship to india

    Seema BaruaSeema Barua10 dni temu
  • Maybe the name amber for the Qween ant she is pretty like one

    The midnight wolf EXPLORERSThe midnight wolf EXPLORERS10 dni temu
  • how about Qeen cherry blossomm I dont know to spell im not good at spelling sorry if I miss spell 🙏🙏🙏

    oweendale arcenaloweendale arcenal10 dni temu
  • Name her eggibig egg( 🥚) ؟?) big

    Ihavemyown BGIhavemyown BG11 dni temu
  • Oo

    Ihavemyown BGIhavemyown BG11 dni temu
  • Carpenta’r charame’l highness a good name for the queen

    Czhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplayCzhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplay11 dni temu
  • So the prince

    mr tabby gamingmr tabby gaming11 dni temu
  • Pov: when he said the ants clean there antennas to smell better almost like we pick our nose you chose to pick your nose LMAO.

    RileyboyRileyboy11 dni temu
  • Jackie

    Melissa BreanMelissa Brean11 dni temu
    • That's the name of the Queen suggestion

      Melissa BreanMelissa Brean11 dni temu
  • Name her tree chopper

    Your FaceYour Face11 dni temu
  • the queens name could be cherry

    Semaj WasicekSemaj Wasicek11 dni temu
  • Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Phillippa-Kyle ThomasPhillippa-Kyle Thomas11 dni temu
  • The Male ant die after mating season.

    james famatjames famat11 dni temu
  • Cherry

    Joyce Mae Anne PagtabunanJoyce Mae Anne Pagtabunan12 dni temu
  • Alexandria

    Real GrassyReal Grassy12 dni temu
  • Just because of this im never killing ants any ore

    CVbroxCVbrox12 dni temu