Ant War: Weaver Ants vs. Fire Ants

30 sty 2021
636 880 wyświetleń

There's an epic ant war happening in my yard, and I managed to film scenes of weaver ants and fire ants battling it out. It was all part of an important natural balance of power between the native ants and invasive ants in my yard. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Executive Producer RJ Garcia
DOP/Editing by Heinrich Domingo
Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in our videos. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints:
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  • Greetings AC Family/Ant Lovers, thank you so much for watching this week's episode! This video took A LOT of work to shoot and create, so if you could remember to hit the LIKE button, SHARE the video, and SUBSCRIBE (hit the BELL and select ALL) I'd greatly appreciate it, guys! Love you all so much. Thanks you! Ant Love Forever! OK so QUESTION: What should we name the Weaver Ants of Antopia? Really need some good name suggestions! Let's give these native ant guardians a name, guys!

    AntsCanadaAntsCanada3 miesięcy temu
    • Antlion. No, that's taken. How about "Dandy-Lion" tribe. Named after the prolific, yellow wild flower.

      Adam KaczorAdam Kaczor6 dni temu
    • I’d name them the golden kings

      Luis X vargasLuis X vargas15 dni temu
    • The Golden Weavers Or, Weaved Leafers Or Gold Guardians

      Beary LegendBeary Legend24 dni temu
    • Errr season i mean

      PotatoPotato26 dni temu
    • The day of Black Sun

      PotatoPotato26 dni temu
  • Lol

    Bernard LaynesBernard Laynes5 godzin temu
  • Athenians

    drgyngyrldrgyngyrl9 godzin temu
  • Weaver warriors

    Ami AdiAmi Adi19 godzin temu
  • No

    CALEB LIM MoeCALEB LIM Moe19 godzin temu
  • Obi-Wan: I have the high ground! Weaver Ants: I AM the HIGH GROUND!

    StaticBoltStaticBolt19 godzin temu
  • Weaver ants I will name it the Avengers!

    Gus HernandezGus HernandezDzień temu
  • Just feed Both

  • Weaver Ants are strong!

    Titus DayTitus Day2 dni temu
  • Golden Girls lol

    V DV D2 dni temu
  • Don't have a name suggestion yet for these little critters. But what I want to know is, how can I get some WEAVER ANT colonies in my back yard in Fort Worth, Texas, where we have huge fire ant mounds all through the warm season? Someone should try to get the WEAVER ANTS to populate the southern U. S., where fire ants have taken over and countless people and animals have been stung; some have even died from being stung. Fire ant stings are terribly painful, so --- BRING ON THE WEAVER ANTS!!

    Chris FryChris Fry2 dni temu
  • Leaf Boyz for the weaver ants...

    Cheating ArseCheating Arse3 dni temu
  • Imagine that every planet with life other than earth has many equivalent ecosystems and convergent animals. A nature documentary from one of those places would be the most interesting thing I have ever seen

    Ahron WayneAhron Wayne3 dni temu
  • At my school ant wars are happening 24/7, including ants fighting wasps and sometimes ants beat the wasps

    Death PlaysDeath Plays4 dni temu
  • I watch stuff like this to take a break from politics... I love your trigger warning. Your so nice to help woke kids accept that real life may be upsetting. To bad they don't love themselves enough to accept that, let alone anyone else in the world.

    YouTube Censors PeaceYouTube Censors Peace4 dni temu
  • That weaver ant we call it antik ✌️From philippines ✌️

  • name them the firefighters because the weaver ants kill so many "fire" ants

    Vincent LUVincent LU4 dni temu
  • Name the weaver ants as Freedom fighters

    Aethel The SniperAethel The Sniper5 dni temu
  • 15:38 That one ant: JOE PUT ME BACK ON THE TREE

    Logan RichardsonLogan Richardson5 dni temu
  • This is how we get rid of invasive fire ants once and for all.

    UniversalUniversal5 dni temu
  • Avengers End game is weird, but I love it

    M OM O6 dni temu
  • the green builders(thats the name i want)

    Jason-James SimpsonJason-James Simpson6 dni temu
  • Tree defenders

    Crystal ShumanCrystal Shuman6 dni temu
  • the tree kings thats wat i think we shud name the weaver ants

    Jennifer KeyJennifer Key6 dni temu
  • I think fire ants are invading america. I saw some ants that I got a close look at and they look exactly like fire ants. There were millions of them. Redish rangish body and darker I think its called abdomen.

    Dimkee Hotay and EggDimkee Hotay and Egg6 dni temu
  • Fire ant lover?

    Haapa RaptorHaapa Raptor7 dni temu
  • where do you live, AC?

    Uriyah BelizarioUriyah Belizario7 dni temu
  • Imagine if a worker dude sprayed bug spray on the fire ants

    Llamchi PlayzLlamchi Playz8 dni temu
  • i hate weaver ants they are very storng

    Shem JaphethShem Japheth8 dni temu
  • An

    Alka PuniaAlka Punia8 dni temu
  • Weaving Warriors

  • The weave Nation

    Yes_RegenYes_Regen8 dni temu
  • Impossible how did thye capture a queen

    Archie PerezArchie Perez9 dni temu
  • "Dream weavers " because they put their victims to sleep.!

    Jeremy LavenderJeremy Lavender9 dni temu
  • my guy so interresting

    Dayanara CejaDayanara Ceja9 dni temu
  • How about "Earth Kingdom" (Avatar the last Airbender refrence0

    tiger playztiger playz9 dni temu
    • The Earth Kingdom was the only kingdom almost equally mached against the Fire Nation

      tiger playztiger playz9 dni temu
  • how are you gonna prevent your ants from escaping your estate and completely throwing off the biological balance of the insect and plant populations of the environment around???

    TheVprTheVpr10 dni temu
  • The Weaver wariors

    los baunen 155los baunen 15510 dni temu
  • “The Brazen Empire”

    ToucanRyanToucanRyan11 dni temu
  • Weaver warriors!!!

    mrilikeskateboardsmrilikeskateboards11 dni temu
  • If you haven't chose a name for the wild weaver ants how about the "Knights Of Antioch" pardon the pun.

    GlazGlaz12 dni temu
  • Battle ants

    danny animationsdanny animations12 dni temu
  • Fire ant vs ant

    rika aninditarika anindita12 dni temu
  • The last time I checked you loved fire ants

    Carol NaledismomCarol Naledismom12 dni temu
  • Weaver ant aar the 2 sivelisacion 🥈

    Mats BrekelmansMats Brekelmans13 dni temu
  • I love your videos. I don't know much about ants, but I love watching them. I have a question. In your previous video, you mentioned that fire ants will go to war with any other colony, even if it's another fire ant colony. And then here, you mention a fire ant nuptial flight and such. That begs the question - if a fire ant from one colony did a nuptial flight and made a new colony nearby, would they still fight despite the queen of the new colony being from the old colony? Sorry if I got my terms wrong. Still learning :)

    AzianDumbAssAzianDumbAss13 dni temu
  • weaverville

  • "tree guardians" sounds good

    karam tronkaram tron13 dni temu
  • i got a name, plz give a shoutout if you do give them the warriors of the trees

    Oc rebornOc reborn13 dni temu
  • so you're saying ants can create better houses than me

    Shawn Kendrick De CastroShawn Kendrick De Castro14 dni temu
  • antscanada ants will find a way to live in space

    Donavan GradyDonavan Grady14 dni temu
  • Down with the fire ants!

    Alexis CliftonAlexis Clifton14 dni temu
  • Down with fire ants

    Alexis CliftonAlexis Clifton14 dni temu
  • Fire ants in Canada?

    Bob AdkinsBob Adkins14 dni temu
  • The guardians or The warriors the golden guardians the golden warriors there you go

    Markius GalfordiiMarkius Galfordii14 dni temu
  • How long is it going to take you to build your house?

    Markius GalfordiiMarkius Galfordii14 dni temu
  • i thought fire ant was the one who built a nest up in the tree, i guess it was weaver ant, they still stings hard tho

    Glass WaterGlass Water14 dni temu
  • Akalo ants

    MuchPotatoTrevorMuchPotatoTrevor14 dni temu
  • Weaver warriors

    landon gajskilandon gajski15 dni temu
  • you already told us wat happened 2 minutes into the clip... why would i waste a second more now,, i know the outcome now 👎👎👎👎

    Vick AvalVick Aval15 dni temu
  • Huntic Ant Kingdom

  • Leaf ants

    Candace WilliamsCandace Williams16 dni temu
  • if weaver ants can talk first thing would be we are weaving death

  • Welcome to ant house, lair of THE ANT KING!

    Just Happy • 100 years agoJust Happy • 100 years ago17 dni temu
  • New emeraldin

    Box BoyBox Boy17 dni temu
  • Can they be called the golden royals?

    Valerie LawValerie Law17 dni temu
  • Name the Weavers "brave savage soldiers"

    Umesh PUmesh P17 dni temu
  • Weaver ants is ultimate warrior ants.. no doubt about it..

    Victor CausonVictor Causon17 dni temu
  • Human are so lucky that we're big

    bminus73bminus7318 dni temu
  • I love how weaver ants make colony’s, it is so good

    Ramen StyleRamen Style18 dni temu
  • not meant to be creepy

    jason vander heydenjason vander heyden18 dni temu
  • hi ive been wathing your youtube channal but i coulded sign in but you i think you are awsome

    jason vander heydenjason vander heyden18 dni temu
  • It's funny when you got the close up shots of the weaver nests, some of the ants were looking at you like "What are you looking human? Mind your business, nothing to see here."

    Wacky The WhaleysaurusWacky The Whaleysaurus19 dni temu
  • I think you should name the Thanos ants or balance ants

    Mr CloudMr Cloud19 dni temu
  • the yellow dragons

    Charlene BrindleCharlene Brindle19 dni temu
  • weaver ants: spitfires due to their ability to spit acid

    WACS boyWACS boy19 dni temu
  • Emerald Glaives - The Guardians of Antopia

    Pog BoiPog Boi20 dni temu
  • 0:23 Those Random edibles' hairs could give you itches and it would be bad is it gets into your eyes Also, I would like to know how you film these videos without getting bit by the ants

    Senior AvocadoSenior Avocado20 dni temu
  • I suggest the name the water leafs cuz water beats fire XD but pls suggest this

    iam thecatmonstaiam thecatmonsta20 dni temu
  • What should we name these Weaver ants? Well, there's Tom, Brenda, Harry, Joe, Karen, Debbie......

    Booboobear2388Booboobear238820 dni temu
  • I mean I'm letting my nerd show but the villages hidden in the leaves seems appropriate

    Joshua LankfordJoshua Lankford20 dni temu
  • After watching just two of your videos, I think if there is god he is like antcanada and we human are the different types of ants. And God is seeing us as we evolve and gets a camera when we wage war against one another.

    Jyoti DebbarmaJyoti Debbarma20 dni temu
  • Ants are soo cool and smart 🤯

    knighty boyknighty boy20 dni temu
  • Antscanada lied to me and ripped me off on their website

    BRS ProductionsBRS Productions20 dni temu
  • Do not buy anything from antscanada the website makes it's money from over charging for shipping and they will lie to you so you have to place multiple orders before you can use their products

    BRS ProductionsBRS Productions21 dzień temu
  • In our province in Philippines the weaver ants called "Antik"

    日本の使用料愛と死日本の使用料愛と死21 dzień temu
  • what's the music at 8:00 called

    PrimaniacPrimaniac21 dzień temu
  • Dream Weavers

    2 fangs2 fangs21 dzień temu
  • Weaver feaver

    Wilmar JhonWilmar Jhon21 dzień temu
  • The wood elves

    YaBoi GregYaBoi Greg21 dzień temu
  • Honestly it's a bit rude to kill first worker ants bc that dooms the colony

    Julia SlavovaJulia Slavova22 dni temu
  • Who else saw the worker ant riding a queen and with wings on 7:16 Lol 🤣🤣🤣

    Julia SlavovaJulia Slavova22 dni temu
  • Yellow fire ant exterminators

    Julia SlavovaJulia Slavova22 dni temu
  • 11:12

    fire gamingfire gaming22 dni temu
  • The weavers should be called weaver warriors

    Shark tooth 63Shark tooth 6322 dni temu
  • "Valor Warriors" for weaver ants.

    son of Zeusson of Zeus22 dni temu
  • I like these weaver ants. They are great pollinators and can guard your fruit tree from pesky pests. Their bites are mild but doesn't cause skin trauma or allergies.

    Coffee CrabCoffee Crab23 dni temu

    Carl LoronoCarl Lorono23 dni temu
  • Green acid weaver Ants

    skyewalkersskyewalkers23 dni temu
  • Leaf lands V Flame Lands

    skyewalkersskyewalkers23 dni temu