Saving My Ant Colony From Giant Facehugger Mites

24 kwi 2021
330 216 wyświetleń

There are huge facehugger mites on my pet ants in their test tube ant farm nest. But in this episode, I attempted something crazy to help save them. Like a mini “ant surgeon”, I went in and extracted the facehugger mites from the colony. It took some crazy skill to do it, but I had no choice. The lives of my pet ants depended on it! Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Editing by Heinrich Domingo
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  • I think 1 or both

    Nathan EverardNathan Everard10 godzin temu
  • Send them to the pros or exterminate

    Paul SpringerPaul Springer13 godzin temu
  • I never get your videos in my subscription feed, wtf youtube.... I will have to turn on push notifications.

    Mikey JamesMikey James17 godzin temu
  • 3 definetly

    Samuel LucenaSamuel Lucena19 godzin temu
  • 1 or 3

    Ida Bagus Karuna SatwikanandaIda Bagus Karuna SatwikanandaDzień temu
  • It’s like watching a movie about and I love it

    Sifoun SoumethoSifoun Soumetho2 dni temu
  • "OMG So urgent, need to save the ants, or find experts, or exterminate the mites before they kill off all our ants" Proceeds to wait one week later before taking action.

    Nelson iCiesNelson iCies2 dni temu
  • My son and I think remove all the mites and send them for identification!

    TheOwlwasFpvTheOwlwasFpv3 dni temu
  • The face hugger mites are just head crabs from half live

    Cristabel SanchezCristabel Sanchez3 dni temu
  • 4:49

    got pianogot piano3 dni temu
  • Number 3

    nicola bertacchi-morroninicola bertacchi-morroni4 dni temu
  • 3

    khairul imankhairul iman4 dni temu
  • 3 i vote 3

    gamogamo4 dni temu
  • 4:48 When's the mites are sus

    ༒cleetus the flamingo fan 2⃣༒༒cleetus the flamingo fan 2⃣༒4 dni temu
  • Your fire ants are mostly glirls

    Zak The Game DestroyerZak The Game Destroyer4 dni temu
  • I knew he was actually Canadian when he said sorry lmao

    Alexander S.Alexander S.4 dni temu
  • Extract the mites to the ants

    Lucas_JohnsonLucas_Johnson4 dni temu
  • Option 3 feels the safest to me

    Alexa KorbaAlexa Korba4 dni temu
  • Those face hugger mites kinds sus😳😳

    UsernameUsername4 dni temu
  • I think we should do both

    Connor WeldrickConnor Weldrick4 dni temu
  • Because the males don’t help at all. They’re not needed like the worker ants!!

    Brenda PringleBrenda Pringle5 dni temu
  • I pick b since there TBE first time there and why would they appear on the 4th week of cointaning this new colony so I personnly would burn em alive

    Alexander hoadAlexander hoad5 dni temu
  • 3 definitely

    Rivano KrensRivano Krens5 dni temu
  • 3) because it sounds cool

    PopMasterAlanPopMasterAlan5 dni temu
  • I spot the second mite on the elite on the left

    Jace WheelerJace Wheeler5 dni temu
  • Sus......

    ULTIMATERZ gamingULTIMATERZ gaming5 dni temu
  • 1

    KC leeKC lee6 dni temu
  • do both

    Miguel Edrian De LeonMiguel Edrian De Leon7 dni temu
  • I say send 1 to each place

    naunie bihhnaunie bihh7 dni temu
  • Pin me if I tricked you ... Read more

    Mrs Bëār🐻Mrs Bëār🐻7 dni temu
  • 3&1

    Lilian DurkeeLilian Durkee7 dni temu
  • 1

    Lilian DurkeeLilian Durkee7 dni temu
  • I love that you're still making videos after all this time

    kk7 dni temu
  • 1

    HUI Wai YiuHUI Wai Yiu7 dni temu
  • I say have a quarantine take the Queen and the ants that don’t have the face huggers

    King NovaKing Nova7 dni temu
  • I pick no. 3

    Diego RiveraDiego Rivera8 dni temu
  • I think we should do 1

    Joshua NavarroJoshua Navarro8 dni temu
  • Mail them to the us

    Salem Pikmin ProductionsSalem Pikmin Productions8 dni temu
  • 100% extract from 1, but send the other off with the host.

    NerdyGamerNerdyGamer8 dni temu
  • 4:48 is too sus

    MuchPotatoTrevorMuchPotatoTrevor8 dni temu
  • In my colony of 50-80 some none have died yet they got longevity or somethin

    Frosty the IcewingFrosty the Icewing8 dni temu
  • I got some carpenter ants that have a lot of trash in their portal just because whenever I touch somethin inside their they know I have the top off and rush to it so I can only get a tiny bit at a time sometimes nothin XD

    Frosty the IcewingFrosty the Icewing8 dni temu
  • AC, I think you should extract all the mites, send a few to the experts and keep the others. This is because if they arent dangerous, once you get the All clear, you can release the remaining mites back into the colony, if they are indeed the vampire mites, you can kill the last ones, we let the colony live on. Also, if the ants start dying off fast (the ones you quarantined) then remove the mites, I hope this comment helped!

    George FitzpatrickGeorge Fitzpatrick9 dni temu
  • I'd say number 3

    Daniel EstevezDaniel Estevez9 dni temu
  • I vote for the first option because then he will now what the mites do

    Girl Power RGirl Power R9 dni temu
  • HEADCRAB!!!!

    WaluigiNumber OneWaluigiNumber One9 dni temu
  • Extract the mites

    Thomas O'NealThomas O'Neal9 dni temu
  • I pick option 1

    NOTME LOLNOTME LOL9 dni temu
  • Get those vampirs out of those scared ants

    Lazy Pro TMLazy Pro TM9 dni temu
  • I vote 3

    Kid DeleurmeKid Deleurme9 dni temu
  • Die die die mites

    Awesome ObjectAwesome Object9 dni temu
  • Just takeoff the two mites

    Luke FairbanksLuke Fairbanks9 dni temu
  • Face huggers lives matter too

    CreativogeeCreativogee9 dni temu
  • It seams most of the time good mites move on their own and do not attach to the ants while bad mites always attach. I feel like best thing would be to rid of the mites

    EthanEthan10 dni temu
  • a mite thats on a male ant on the side or top of it, it has 90% chance to escape and the mites under the wing it has 0% chance to escape.

    Zelda YeeZelda Yee10 dni temu
  • 3

    bitbrainbitbrain10 dni temu
  • I just love your videos I hope those mites are not as deadly as that and will get out of the ants’ business Your videos are relaxing and there is a lot of suspense Thank You AntsCanada

    Jungleali 0812Jungleali 081210 dni temu
  • Option 3

    amanda courtneyamanda courtney10 dni temu
  • 3

    amanda courtneyamanda courtney10 dni temu
  • In my opinion you should destroy them all, while this might seem extreme you shouldn't risk the colony and even if you get rid of the mites the ants will still live. if you do the other options you might be to late.

    nemui atamanemui atama10 dni temu
  • what camera and lens do You use to make such amazing shots of these tiny animals?

    Tamás DohyTamás Dohy10 dni temu
  • Plan 2 KILL the mites!!!! Blow them up like lmanberg

    Aracely AvilaAracely Avila10 dni temu
  • I think the best option is to remove them and get them identified by Experts, just in case they are bad so they don't do more damage while you wait for the answer and so if they are bad or good atleast you will gain knowledge if you encounter it again

    Angel LozanoAngel Lozano10 dni temu

    Roosting LaughterRoosting Laughter10 dni temu
  • "It was all much too... sus for my liking." -AntsCanada 2021

    Wesley ZimmermanWesley Zimmerman10 dni temu
  • "negativly hurt" What? you mean "help"?

    Mandarinboy GamingMandarinboy Gaming10 dni temu
  • the meranoplus bicolor ants should be called the queens of hearts

    King Dom the 1stKing Dom the 1st10 dni temu

    AntsCanadaAntsCanada10 dni temu
  • Oh no! The Headcrabs escaped out of the Half Life Universe!

    PagofrPagofr11 dni temu
  • do a mix of choices 1 and 2

    Calyps KunCalyps Kun11 dni temu
  • Hey ant canada it's mating time in philippines

    Leslie Anne AraulloLeslie Anne Araullo11 dni temu
  • 33333333333333333333

    little chonklittle chonk11 dni temu
  • 2

    Verkku LaaksonenVerkku Laaksonen11 dni temu
  • 3

    CrAzY mAnCrAzY mAn11 dni temu
  • I noticed one of the mites on the captured male ants is smaller, these mites are multiplying and it looks like they grow fast. I wouldnt delay on sending the mites to be examined, if you can take pictures of them prior to their alcohol bath it may help as well as inform the scientists that samples are on the way. In the mean time i would go ahead and treat these as a threat, that pile of dead ants looked far too big for a colony of this age, If they do turn out to be beneficial i would be greatly suprised.

    Amelia DriscollAmelia Driscoll11 dni temu
  • @chef Robbie flay everyone know that capton obvious

    Godly CreaturesGodly Creatures11 dni temu
  • Who else thought he said I might have to HUMP them later?🤣

    lolfoxlolfox11 dni temu
    • no one

      SkywalkerSkywalker3 dni temu
  • I vote option 1

    Isabel MagbanuaIsabel Magbanua11 dni temu
  • The male ants do not do any work which makes them unessential unlike the female worker ants.

    Luke MohlerLuke Mohler11 dni temu
  • Answer: removing the males won’t endanger the colony since they do much less work. I believe the comment was “two less mouths to feed “

    Lynnsie RuffinoLynnsie Ruffino11 dni temu
  • Some things can't wait a week this not a TV show that's life not a saga 😤

    Brown HallBrown Hall11 dni temu
  • Sometimes you can get good deals on refurbished older laboratory microscopes

    William CardilloWilliam Cardillo11 dni temu
  • Those facehugger ants reminds me of those zombie crabs from half life

    Yvonne DeldaYvonne Delda11 dni temu
  • do #3

    wally jaetwally jaet11 dni temu
  • you should get army ants, for your room sized vivarium for nomadic ants for the second floor of the ant room

    ErickErick11 dni temu
  • 1

    Coolapplfnf764Coolapplfnf76411 dni temu
  • I have an ant problem out of control

    Travis LeonardTravis Leonard11 dni temu
  • It was perfect because the males don’t help out in the colony so it wouldn’t hurt the colony if they lost the males

    Aidan Walker05Aidan Walker0511 dni temu
  • 2

    As PlaysAs Plays11 dni temu
  • 3

    Jason AndersonJason Anderson11 dni temu
  • just remove them better save then sorry.

    NOT ReillyRoseNOT ReillyRose11 dni temu
  • I found a new black crazy ant queen in my grandma's backyard. But i don't know how to take care of it because this is my first time.

    Bowen ZhangBowen Zhang11 dni temu
  • Hi antscanada how do I start an ant colony? And is it time for nuptial flight?

    Guardian GamingGuardian Gaming11 dni temu
  • It was good that the mites where on male ants because male ants don't work for the colony.

    Myah SaltzgiverMyah Saltzgiver11 dni temu
  • It will take some crazy skill to do it that’s why I hired this guy

    Jambillybob132Jambillybob13211 dni temu
  • Ants Canada can you do one and two are you if you use a giant fish tank what stuff you should use for the bottom and what style should you use for rocks

    Marquez RiosMarquez Rios11 dni temu
  • I say do both. You don't want to risk your colony.

    phoenixgothphoenixgoth11 dni temu
  • So that during the nuptical flight,they will be able to move towards the queen ants and moving to her workers next time in the future

    Kian Tou R3vagerKian Tou R3vager11 dni temu
  • Oh dear

    Jordan AsheJordan Ashe11 dni temu
  • 3 and 1

    Dr.Amy PiccirilloDr.Amy Piccirillo11 dni temu