What Is This Weird Creature I Found on my Ants?

1 maj 2021
273 830 wyświetleń

I discovered these giant creatures on the faces of my pet carpenter ants, named the Woodland Warriors, and I had to find out whether these beasts were ant friends or foes. They appeared to be a type of facehugger mite, but I wasn't sure if they were beneficial mites or parasitic mites to the ants. So I isolated a mite and sent macro photos and video to mite biologists to identify. In the end, I couldn't believe what was revealed. I learned so much about acarology (the study of mites) this week! Hope you enjoy this week's episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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    AntsCanadaAntsCanada10 dni temu
    • Honestly, I can't believe anyone thinks it's a good idea to leave any of the mites on the ants. If you truly care about the comfort, well being, and, well, happiness of the ants, then you wouldn't want ANYTHING crawling over them that you don't positively know are beneficial to them. Not as bad for them is still bad for them. If someone did this with their pet dog, cat, bird, snake, you would rightfully call them out for animal abuse. Its no different with pet ants.

      Marty GMarty G10 dni temu
    • remove

      Rick AshleyRick Ashley10 dni temu
    • I'd say remove them, and if you want to study them, put them in a colony that isn't so small and fragile. Just in case.

      Sir RiasSir Rias10 dni temu
    • Keep them in

      Leesa cookLeesa cook10 dni temu
    • Keep them!

      Marco PisciottaMarco Pisciotta10 dni temu

    DoomDjYoDoomDjYo6 godzin temu
  • I think we should seperate a queen and a few workees with mites in a test tube then compare those ants to the main colonie

    mei wongmei wong10 godzin temu
    • From brandon

      mei wongmei wong10 godzin temu
  • What about just a facehugger mite

    Golden RomanovGolden Romanov11 godzin temu
  • You should name it Ac FaceHugger Mite

    Darleen KirwanDarleen Kirwan11 godzin temu
  • its sad knowing ants have a better story than your life... 😂... watching since the fire nation.

    Ready Go!Ready Go!20 godzin temu
  • Leave the mites in

    asherzillaasherzilla23 godzin temu
  • I think you should remove the mite from the quuen and put it onto anoyher ant just to be safe

    Mehmet TürkeriMehmet TürkeriDzień temu
  • They are ticks.That kind is not harmful to humans, so you are lucky about it, if they would be red-tick, you would be dead by several attacks from them, if they would escape from that ant-pool.It is better for you to not feed these ants, these kind of ants are welcome to ticks by chemicals. You do not need to consultant with a professor about it, everyone should know what tick looks like, lol.

    Onur AKANOnur AKANDzień temu
  • AC Video Cam upgrade? Your 4k you said still seems wonky

    Mystic StirlingMystic StirlingDzień temu
  • At 14:30... is that video of the queen during the early years? looks like it had a tiny mite on it then

    Allen CorbeilleAllen CorbeilleDzień temu
  • I'd say it would be best to keep the mites where they are, but remove some if the number of mites goes up to much, and maybe Experiment with them while they are alive

    HelpYelpHelpYelpDzień temu
  • Take them out.

    Justin GreveJustin GreveDzień temu
  • was that a mario rpg song in the background around the 12.5-13min mark

    Chris CapwellChris CapwellDzień temu
  • I never knew that I had any interest in Ants but iv'e been watching for years now😂

    Vlkn.TR4LVlkn.TR4LDzień temu
  • as the mites feed on the neck. How do ants heal? Will having a mite steal food via neck straws will an ant bleed or dehydrate to death? but this is so cool! putting animal planet to shame. par with nat geo wild with the excitement of tiny life on earth.

    Meleana MendezMeleana MendezDzień temu
  • Remove the mike

    Tashina WarrenTashina WarrenDzień temu
  • Hey ant Canada I found I face hanger mite on my ant as well

    amao liamao liDzień temu
  • suctomite im very brave too

    Sidney MejiaSidney MejiaDzień temu
  • remove the mites

  • bedmite

    Goggle ManGoggle ManDzień temu
  • Remove the mites kaitlin was also not fully certain about the mites

    Abhiroop ReddyAbhiroop Reddy2 dni temu
  • Let's just say the mites scare me for some reason I think they should get removed.

    Error!NEKO CharaError!NEKO Chara2 dni temu
  • i think you should remove the mite asap

    tejashrigtejashrig2 dni temu
  • Maybe the mites came from the termites that were used as food in the colony's early days

    GigaMexGigaMex2 dni temu
  • I think it's drinking from the ants neck so it may not be too great

    D PD P2 dni temu
  • About the AC Family Feud Steelers

    Carol will MillerCarol will Miller2 dni temu
  • You should keep the mites if they aren't deadly

    Rylen Kian GroberRylen Kian Grober2 dni temu
  • Ac on the black market: rare facehugger mite colony, only one of its kind

    Lucas LiamLucas Liam2 dni temu
  • ayh see mte

    Christian DanneckerChristian Dannecker2 dni temu
  • Good remove them soon as possible because even if they are good you don’t wanna take chances

    Chatty cat Rozzi bearChatty cat Rozzi bear2 dni temu
  • Been watching since he was in his apartment man this channel is the only one I look forward to each week

    Mr. Anthony GoncalvesMr. Anthony Goncalves2 dni temu
  • I think you should remove the remaning mites

    Mai ThianhlunMai Thianhlun2 dni temu
  • Food robber 🐜

    Reni SwastikaReni Swastika2 dni temu
  • The neck mite

    พัฒน์นรี สิริวรไพศาลพัฒน์นรี สิริวรไพศาล3 dni temu
  • New virus outbreak

    AP_PU FFAP_PU FF3 dni temu
  • Keep the mites

    lupin250lupin2503 dni temu
  • when i watched this video i just imagined the woodland warriors being in some enormous terrarium

    Phantom PhoenixPhantom Phoenix3 dni temu
  • Agreed; keep them healthy enough to be able to ignore the mites. Continued existence of the mites means more research on them! [EDIT]: Spotted a juvenile mite on the queen as you mentioned them hitching a ride on her. specifically on the right "edge" of the foremost segment of her thorax, during the footage that played when you said "when she was placed into the test tube".

    Kenny HolmesKenny Holmes3 dni temu
  • The mites remind me of the headcrabs from the Half Life games.

    PhotoRealisticBeaverPhotoRealisticBeaver3 dni temu
  • Yes

    Lucas GriffinLucas Griffin3 dni temu
  • U should remove the remaning mites bc there unknown so u dont what they can do

    Nicholas AshtonNicholas Ashton3 dni temu
  • I'd say isolate the infected but make sure they're fed.

    RedCubeRedCube3 dni temu
  • Love the souls game music in the background

    Balvant RyattBalvant Ryatt3 dni temu
  • Remove

    Kayden ELORD769 SnowdenKayden ELORD769 Snowden3 dni temu
  • Let hope your ants don't die :((((

    Kayden ELORD769 SnowdenKayden ELORD769 Snowden3 dni temu
  • You should put predator mites this method is very ineffective. Since they can comeback

    Quack quackQuack quack3 dni temu
  • I would say keep an eye on them, you have no idea how many AC face-hugger mites (my vote on the name) there are and if they start to spread too fast then they could still pose a danger so I would say if you see more then five AC face-huggers then remove the extras for now until it is confirmed they are a non-threat.

    travisgames911travisgames9113 dni temu
  • 2:43 That's definitely the kind of TV most of us watch this on

    Jason HattJason Hatt3 dni temu
  • Can't these mites suffocate the ants or smth?

    Titos PapTitos Pap3 dni temu
  • Those mites are cruel but really interesting

    Titos PapTitos Pap3 dni temu
  • I actually have to write a paper for school on kleptoparasitism and it completely slipped my mind to check if arachnids practiced this form of parasitism as well. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, now i can look into this further ^_^

    • I also think you should keep them, if you hadn't decided yet. So exciting to potentially have found a new species and you said yourself they are not necessarily lethal.

  • It really depends on how the colony is doing on food! If they are doing well, then I would keep the mite(s) in there and record their activities to gather more information. If the colony is doing poorly, then it may be best to remove the mite(s).

    Rasberry PuddingRasberry Pudding3 dni temu
  • Where is your post?

    Camdyn MacDonaldCamdyn MacDonald3 dni temu
  • Remember when he had only 100k subscriber?

    Wolf RecorderWolf Recorder3 dni temu
  • So like ummm where's today's video?!?!

    ThePrufessaThePrufessa3 dni temu
  • Has your new video up yet I haven't seen it yet

    BisonBison3 dni temu
  • Even if it kills the ants if we can learn more about these mites and learn to help for the future of ants

    ToddyMcHottyToddyMcHotty3 dni temu
  • Praying for Mikey ❤️

    Dre CrossfieldDre Crossfield3 dni temu
  • Can you please look into and spread awareness about the corruption in Colombia. The government is killing their people for protesting. And is now preventing access to Wi-Fi and cellular service

    JustCallMe ZJustCallMe Z3 dni temu
  • If the mites are not attached why don't the ants help each other pull them off? Also formic acid and mandibles can remove mites why don't they? whats the ants benefit to keeping them?

    Angus Mortimer ( Student )Angus Mortimer ( Student )3 dni temu
  • I have some ant problems. Should I make them my pets? But i can find their queen, Antscanada should i keep the btw they are black crazy ants .

    Kwong Fai YauKwong Fai Yau3 dni temu
    • Bow.

      JayasreeJayasree3 dni temu
  • Can u put a baby frog with the spider?

    King_ LazyKing_ Lazy3 dni temu
  • hi

    Kwong Fai YauKwong Fai Yau3 dni temu
  • Torture them. Take off every single leg they have and make them explode after it or inject a lethal poison that kills something slowly and painful

    miguel mallarimiguel mallari3 dni temu
    • Separate from they eyes turn them inside out burn their whole bodies

      IT ME HOLMESIT ME HOLMES3 dni temu
    • ...that's a little too hard to do

      JayasreeJayasree3 dni temu
  • How many commercials are you going to put in your videos. It’s getting a little out of hand.

    laksjbflaksjbf3 dni temu
  • Yo post your video

    deacan goulddeacan gould3 dni temu
  • are u making more videos

    Leonardo RandjelovicLeonardo Randjelovic3 dni temu
  • i think we should remove it

    Varexon HarexonVarexon Harexon3 dni temu
    • @Varexon Harexon typo

      IT ME HOLMESIT ME HOLMES3 dni temu
    • It could kill the hole cilony

      Varexon HarexonVarexon Harexon3 dni temu
  • One video a week and can't even upload it on time.

    metalmilitia89metalmilitia893 dni temu
  • maybe its a hybrid a spite

    Varexon HarexonVarexon Harexon3 dni temu
  • Me wondering where the new video is

    Brett LaniganBrett Lanigan3 dni temu
  • They not what you think and how they get their... That are ticks..

    Jungle Click MotorsportsJungle Click Motorsports3 dni temu
  • To be honest You should really just get rid of those mites. It's still pretty risky. Doubts can end up being regrets Antscanada. They could be friendly but that's all theory until studied. Still some interesting creatures though.

    RandomMugenRandomMugen3 dni temu
  • It looks like a tic

    Jungle Click MotorsportsJungle Click Motorsports3 dni temu
  • I think you should remove the mites for sure.

    Billy VYomotoBilly VYomoto3 dni temu
  • Pls feed the ants More

    Rosy -Rosy -3 dni temu
  • 14:29 is that a uh baby mite on the queens shoulder there?

    Take FiveTake Five4 dni temu
  • 14:29 looks like there is a small tny mite on the Queen's body too. So hitvhhiking on the Queen during the nuptial flight looks like a possibility.

    The RatThe Rat4 dni temu
  • I think keeping the mite population down is a good plan! I personally wouldn’t want to kill all of a new species

    SpritebugSpritebug4 dni temu
  • Hi Mikey

    EarthEarth4 dni temu
  • Maybe The Ant Colony Just Die Because maybe You didn't feed them??

    Lucas_JohnsonLucas_Johnson4 dni temu
  • Google: Yeah finding a new species is about the chance of winning the lottery. AntsCanada: I'm about to end this bois whole career.

    The RymplesThe Rymples4 dni temu
  • My mind: Ze healing its not rewarding... Ze hurting, it is rewarding...

    EnzoEnzo4 dni temu
  • I feel as if “The Vomit Thief” would be a wonderful name for such a creature!!😃

    Cain AcostaCain Acosta4 dni temu
  • 9:30 epic flex

    Burrito UzumakiBurrito Uzumaki4 dni temu
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    J.M ARMY KimJ.M ARMY Kim4 dni temu
  • I say wait to see what type of mites until we hear back. I think it would be cool to study them if it was a new kind. It would could help future studies.

    Tiffany MilleaTiffany Millea4 dni temu
  • My question is would the ants have to work harder to feed themselves?

    Joe DuncanJoe Duncan4 dni temu
  • I discovered your channel and site accidentally, and as a beekeeper find it all quite fascinating. I have an acreage that I would consider quite infested with all kinds of ants.. and after watching several of your videos its given me a whole lot more appreciation and respect for these creatures. I'm not sure if I would care to have colonies of my own, but its definitely aroused my interest. I never realized how much bees and ants have in common. I would personally still try to remove the mites and separate them from the colony as I would be afraid of some disease they may transfer to your ants. As varroa mites do to bee's. And personally I find them creepy.. But hey that's just my perspective. Good luck either way! And keep the vids coming! I appreciate what you're doing

    fidoramavisionfidoramavision4 dni temu
  • What is on the ants leg at 11:43?

    John PopeJohn Pope4 dni temu
  • You should go in and remove the last remaining mites

    Ballistic TvBallistic Tv4 dni temu
  • It looks like a tic off a cat 🤨

    John Mahoney the phone collectorJohn Mahoney the phone collector4 dni temu
  • You know... These mites looks like vampire like. Maybe they are biting/eating the neck to suck blood or something els or maybe bite and leave some poison to kill the ants from the inside out?

    brianher67brianher674 dni temu
  • Btw i have a question how can the mites get in the tubes

    Roblox GuyRoblox Guy4 dni temu
  • I recommend you to take out the mites before it confirms because you never know if the mites actually a blood sucking mites because if you just keep it and it turns out to be blood sucking mites im worried about the queen

    Roblox GuyRoblox Guy4 dni temu
  • A mite?

    Xx_BlueB0ba_xXXx_BlueB0ba_xX4 dni temu
  • Take it off of the Queen and if more start dying take it off of all of them and so I look for a sea facing am I

    Caeden MitchellCaeden Mitchell4 dni temu
  • Water bear

    krzysztof _2008krzysztof _20084 dni temu
  • The amount of ads in this video is too much

    ivan6139ivan61394 dni temu