We Discovered a Rare Ant

20 mar 2021
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I can't believe we made another novel discovery in our newly bought ant forest! In this episode, we fortify our new forest/ant paradise for the native ants in my area, applying permaculture principles to build a food forest. While doing so we finally hear back from my myrmecologist & ant taxonomist friend Dr. General regarding a mystery ant we collected last week. Turns out it was a new and rare find! Hope you enjoy this week's episode! Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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    AntsCanadaAntsCanadaMiesiąc temu
    • Hiii

      Rocco B.Rocco B.3 dni temu
    • Black Crazy Ants: Black Killers

      Mr Blue and Mr FireMr Blue and Mr FireMiesiąc temu
    • You pronounced Tambourine wrong

      shiny 101shiny 101Miesiąc temu
    • The anticulary fewvasis

      ashley nicole papaashley nicole papaMiesiąc temu
    • Hello and the name woud be blackdickheaddus

      SugapSugapMiesiąc temu
  • I think the Black Crazy ants should be called the Obsidians.

    D PD P19 godzin temu
  • you should name the black crazy ants the distrayer if th world

    jcerame jceramejcerame jcerame2 dni temu
  • I have a question, how would they know an ant is native to his country if it was the first time it was discovered there? Wouldn’t it be more likely it is an invasive species recently introduced?

    meyoumeyou7789meyoumeyou77893 dni temu
  • Can't wait for the AntPark :)

    BeefSlaveBeefSlave3 dni temu
  • I have a name I came up in 2 secs and the name is The crazyians.

    Ovidio Cun lopezOvidio Cun lopez4 dni temu
  • He should search for a queen of the rare species and make a farm and release males and virgin queens into the wild to grow there populations And hopefully cause his land to have 1 or several wild colonies which you could study and make videos on.

    marshall pottermarshall potter4 dni temu
    • Lets like the vid so ants Canada can see this

      marshall pottermarshall potter4 dni temu
  • New Black ants name " I.A.P= Insane Ant Posse "

    gunforhirenzgunforhirenz4 dni temu
  • The name for black crazy ants: The Black Death

    Georgi GenovGeorgi Genov5 dni temu
  • Mangos are just great in general:p

    ChosenTripster01ChosenTripster016 dni temu
  • Call them Little Demon's

    Lady_Lone_Wolf _VlogsLady_Lone_Wolf _Vlogs6 dni temu
  • Name suggestion for the black crazy ants: GetOffMyLawnakus

    MatthewMatthew7 dni temu
  • The nightmare

    benz cedric balilibenz cedric balili7 dni temu
  • Thw nightmare

    benz cedric balilibenz cedric balili7 dni temu
  • Black ant colony The Destroyers of Antopia

    Adam Akbar TeoAdam Akbar Teo9 dni temu
  • Theres a blood sucking mite on one of the black crazy ants, look closely.

    ant chelseaant chelsea9 dni temu
  • Cool

    Jay Brezzy To ChezzzyJay Brezzy To Chezzzy9 dni temu
  • it looks like a ruesian

    Yusuf DIZMENYusuf DIZMEN9 dni temu
  • How about “the abyssal invaders”

    lluNlluN10 dni temu
  • I know i'm too late anyway and I sorta feel mean giving them su ch a cruel name after the black knights are such an epic colony but my first thought was simply black death XD (yeah I'm not creative thats why I usually shut up about this sorta question lol) i mean they DO have bumbs too (the blood sucking mites XD which I assume you might still address *likes to comment as the video goes along, as usual* also getting started on your farming is sooo exiting ..aaaaah!! I am glad you are on this track :P still..and I know I have said it before...but despite negative...I want to drop the warning again...please please be cautious with your purchases of land...I do hope that I will still be around in five years, but...yeah..just..please be sure to have enough safed up if things stop going wild...a lot of peopel tend to just spend tons of cash if they "suddenly get rich" and then end up poor when things change....

    SlewenskiSlewenski10 dni temu
  • You should call them cinapers

    Gaming with SanderGaming with Sander10 dni temu
  • This guy is the real antman.

    Sinxai YangSinxai Yang10 dni temu
  • I have a name suggestion for the black crazy ants psycolony

    iiXChessXiiiiXChessXii10 dni temu
  • Wow this guy is a perfect role model for nature

    clashy clashclashy clash10 dni temu
  • name the black crazy ants the black dragon renegades

    Jack O'CallaghanJack O'Callaghan11 dni temu
  • I think we should name them The Vermin Phantoms

    Wolfie StarWolfie Star11 dni temu
  • Crazy invaders

    Burt BaoBurt Bao11 dni temu
  • I thin those are army ants the heavily armed type

    Burt BaoBurt Bao11 dni temu
  • the ant has a red dot in the ants

    Paula SoutoPaula Souto11 dni temu
  • ???.??...????

    Yvonne DuBoisYvonne DuBois11 dni temu
  • In indonesian is cetek ants

    Si GandulSi Gandul11 dni temu
  • AC QUESTION; the healthiest forest is antopia

    Joaquin RamosJoaquin Ramos12 dni temu
  • you should name the black crazy ants the BLACK TARKATAN IVADERS

    Joaquin RamosJoaquin Ramos12 dni temu
  • As someone who does forstry for work I end up having to thin timberland out for people pretty often because the bigger trees will kill the younger trees and Visa versa

    Jared StroupJared Stroup12 dni temu
  • the Black Crazy Ants should be called the Trojans. If your end goal is to get rid, naming them after a destroyed civilization seems appropriate.

    Judah ShJudah Sh12 dni temu
  • This man is an absaloute treasure to man kind

    Jazmin CooperJazmin Cooper12 dni temu
  • So I am late to this, however and I know this is hard to hear but I suggest trying to find the home colonies of the invasive ants (the black crazy ants and the fire ants especially.) Find the colonies, if you can find the super colony for the black crazy ants for instance, you can boil a massive pot of water when you are moved into the new AC Mansion. Take this boiling water to the nest and dump it down into the super colony of the black crazy ants or into the colony of fire ants. I know fire ant's have a method of protecting against floods but boiling water would burn many of them to death and may kill the queen too. It's the most eco friendly solution and I use it on invasive ants. For the super colony of black crazy ants I would suggest something like 5 gallons of boiled water and funnel directly into the colony. for the Fire ant's... actually same thing, 5 gallons, it will get the job done and scorched earth the entire colony without poisons or pesticides.

    LunarRoseLunarRose13 dni temu
  • wait, I think this lives in Florida, United States i seen it before and theres so much in my house it was a little hairy and they just sting everything

    fireguyif74fireguyif7413 dni temu
  • name the black crazy ants Warriors of the Darkness

    Robin AffemannRobin Affemann13 dni temu
  • the men in black

    Masterblood2Masterblood213 dni temu
  • 4:47 What was that on the black crazy ant?

    SnowpodSnowpod14 dni temu
  • The sound at 0:42 genuinely scared me

    SnowpodSnowpod14 dni temu
  • ANtcanada:also called money trees! Me: omg money trees are real!?

    MonsterTeam TRMonsterTeam TR14 dni temu
  • Black a

    hiraldo xianhiraldo xian14 dni temu
  • The name for the black crazy ants should be the hive mind

    Gretchen CornGretchen Corn14 dni temu
  • Mikey: "5....4.....3.....2.....1" *Ad plays* Bruhhhh

    KibKib15 dni temu
  • Name the black crazy ants the Black Death

    atticus The gameratticus The gamer15 dni temu
  • Chromatigastor sounds freakin AWESOME.

    The CubeThe Cube15 dni temu
  • the crazy noir

    Haydn PolkHaydn Polk15 dni temu
  • Black raiders

    briar stichburybriar stichbury15 dni temu
  • Which country is this in? Somewhere in SE Asia?

    Joey SanchezJoey Sanchez16 dni temu
  • Canopy

    Zandoer PoliceZandoer Police16 dni temu
  • When is your ant house due???

    Equalivant_ HominumEqualivant_ Hominum16 dni temu
  • Crazy kingdom

    Gaming RapterGaming Rapter16 dni temu
  • I didn’t know ants could sting... always thought they would bite 😬

    Equalivant_ HominumEqualivant_ Hominum16 dni temu
  • OMG....

    Royce Cendriek Y. WONGRoyce Cendriek Y. WONG16 dni temu
  • Dark Lords

    Prime Stopper 12Prime Stopper 1216 dni temu
  • On one hand, I would like to diversify my backyard, on the other, it feels a bit like setting a trap for local songbirds, because we have a ton of cats in the neighborhood. (I live on the edge of a small town and traffic is low, so people, me included, just let their cats out. Where I live, we also have a native wild cat species that is near identical to our house cats, so they are part of the ecosystem) I already get questionable presents from my cat as is and I'm sure they wouldn't become less, were I to make my backyard more attractive to songbirds.

    Rai MouRai Mou17 dni temu
  • poop ants

    Angela MilliganAngela Milligan17 dni temu
  • They should be named blazy

    Mr MysteryMr Mystery17 dni temu
  • 9:52 this is some pretty nice music tho

    Umesh PUmesh P17 dni temu
  • Nature preservation is my true love. Ants are kool n all, but in the end then theyre "only" a mirrorreflection of all the synergies that combined makes up the world. Theyre fun to watch, and even more so with an enthustiastic voiceover. This is one of my fav YT channels. But ants are dwarfed by the magic that springs from motherearth herself. TY so much for what youre doing. Nomatter what the motivation and priorities are, the total impact is all the sudden what matters most to me. Plz include a few updates from the safehaven each vid - if possible. If not, then ill still tug in and watch the ant colonies, and ill do it with a smile. Thx for the upload. Its awesome

    martin winthermartin winther17 dni temu
  • The black crazy ants at 0:49 has the same mites that the Golden Empire have.

    SvaltusSvaltus17 dni temu
  • darkcraze for black crazy ants?

  • We should call them the dark army

    Benji CarBenji Car17 dni temu
  • Ant invaders

    M kitsieM kitsie17 dni temu
  • I saw blood suckling mits at 2:07

    Patricia Munguia GarciaPatricia Munguia Garcia17 dni temu
  • Greetings AntsCanada and AC family. I am one of the new subscribers, glad to join the AC family. Anyway about the black crazy ants what about naming them the “BLACK BULLS”

    Larry DoyleLarry Doyle17 dni temu
    • Welcome to the AC Family! Ant love forever!

      AntsCanadaAntsCanada17 dni temu
  • Cool video:)

    Juan KawalJuan Kawal18 dni temu
  • 🕷 spider eat 🦗 wild insect eat 🐛 Caterpillar eat 🐝 bee pollinate 🌸 flower and make 🌼 honey 🐜 ant eat 🌼 honey after 16 pollinates the flower will duplicate the spider king likes to eat insects my insect colony now I put in the spider in the colony... 🐝🐜🐜🐝🐜🌸 🐛 🌼 🕷 🌸🌸 🐛 🦗 🦗 🌼 🌸 🌼 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

    Ayden Ng HKAyden Ng HK18 dni temu
  • Hello Hopefully you would notice me!!!! I have a question, what happen to my black carpenter and queen never cut off her wings

    Villy VaguchayVilly Vaguchay18 dni temu
  • Bully ants

    Shakawaath HussainShakawaath Hussain18 dni temu
  • The Guerillas is the name I suggest

    Tomer PiloTomer Pilo19 dni temu
  • I'm right! It's a rare ant ( I was guessing )

    ????19 dni temu
  • The black plague

    Kaos 1209Kaos 120919 dni temu
  • Sir matagal kunang gusyo mag alaga nyan nag ka roon ako kaso naka wala 1k worker s.gem naka takas sila natumba yung lalagyan ko wala nq ako mahule kaya bile nalang ako sau ibang species naman kung nag bebenta okaya nag bibigay ka ng queen sana mapansin 😞😞😞

    AlbiolaAlbiola19 dni temu
  • Name it the black shadows

    Rostine Evann AbrilRostine Evann Abril19 dni temu
  • Black crazy ants liberated rebels Because you are keeping them even though their invasive

    Malachi BeyronneauMalachi Beyronneau19 dni temu
  • Black knigths

    Bsv LaliBsv Lali19 dni temu
  • imagine how that Ant felt when it was surrounded 😥😰

    Lwazi LuvuyoLwazi Luvuyo19 dni temu
  • I used to have a marauder ant colony but then the colony grew too big so I released them in our garden, it's so cool to think that they all used to live in my room.

    Do ThisDo This19 dni temu
  • The ant god😳

    Meh OYeetOMeh OYeetO20 dni temu
  • Commenting so I can come back 5 Years later and say the trees all grown up. . .

    Andre GarciaAndre Garcia20 dni temu
  • []_[]

    ビクターVictorビクターVictor20 dni temu
  • me finding one of these ants without even knowing it and kill it on purpose

    kokomekey 13kokomekey 1320 dni temu
  • Banana is good

    Lance SRRLance SRR20 dni temu
  • Maybe the black ants should be called "Ants of Oduda" Oduda is a goddess in African mythology known as "The Black One".

    Moon BunsMoon Buns20 dni temu
  • I think that the invasive Black crazy ant the "Black death"

    Mini Cheese revlisMini Cheese revlis20 dni temu
  • Invasive meanys is a amazing namee

    Kenneth BagleyKenneth Bagley20 dni temu
  • I mentor a student at school and we watch your videos every week! He has asked me to comment his ideas for names of your new property. The Shaded Path, Lilliput, Cobblestone Pathway, and The Forest Tunnel. Keep making such awesome informative videos!

    Marianne McLaughlinMarianne McLaughlin20 dni temu
  • Antscanada lied to me and now I have to pay 6 buck for shipping he will only pay 50 cents for. That is how a scam company works. Oh and my antscanada order came from Utah not canada so there's another lie.

    BRS ProductionsBRS Productions20 dni temu
  • I think i saw a mite on one of the blackcrazy ants

    Paul TubePaul Tube21 dzień temu
  • What kind of ant is shown at 3:10? Its so pretty!

    Davi-lee MaitreDavi-lee Maitre21 dzień temu
  • I think the black crazy invasive ants should be called the black widows

    Meme_godMeme_god21 dzień temu
  • 1:28 blood sucking parasite on ant bottom of the screen

    Connnor FairchildConnnor Fairchild21 dzień temu
  • BulleDumb sweet potato

    Cyrus BennetchCyrus Bennetch21 dzień temu
  • Are you Dave Attenborough’s son😂? No offense

    Leni CoutureLeni Couture21 dzień temu
  • Wow

    Evan PhamEvan Pham21 dzień temu
  • I have an OG name for you Mikey! How about "The Phantom Troupe"?! Or a name inspired from someone else in the comments, "The Eldritch Plague"

    Jonah David McgrewJonah David Mcgrew22 dni temu
  • I absolutly love your ant content, but any spiders you show makes me close my eyes... but still i love this content and i will like every ant content you make, sadly i can't support in any other way

    jose Gallardojose Gallardo22 dni temu